Stuart was born in Greensboro, NC.  The oldest of three including two sisters (Jordan and Katie), they moved frequently following their mom’s career ultimately attending 6 schools by 10th grade.  At 15, Stuart returned home and attended Greensboro Day School introducing him to a new world of possibilities.  In addition to competing on the basketball and swim teams, he competed for the Math team, had paintings and a relief sculpture selected for state competitions, was Captain Von Trapp in the Upper School production of the Sound of Music, and was a two time all state lacrosse defenseman.  It was in the GDS computer lab that he first learned that some of the computers were hooked together and they called it the Internet.

Stuart then attended Georgia Tech for one year and transferred to his father’s Alma Mater, Duke University.  The Duke Computer Science department brimmed with brilliant students.  He worked lunches at the burger joint, Devine’s and nights at Old Navy (for the discount).  It was during this first year at Duke that he met his wife, Sarah Peifer, from her volleyball teammate.  At the end of the semester, with all of $2000 saved, Stuart flew to Frankfurt, Germany with a return flight out of Munich 4 weeks later.  Sleeping on trains, in hostels, and park benches, he traveled by rail all through Europe to see first hand the great paintings and architecture that he loved.  His favorites include the Uffizi and Pitti Palace in Florence, the architecture of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.  It was a photo of Zurich from his disposable camera that first engendered his passion for photography.

Shortly after graduation Stuart and Sarah were married in Tampa, FL.  They bought a condo on Harbour Island and Stuart built heirloom furniture as a hobby.  About 6 months after moving in, they bought their first Boxer puppy, Tripp.  By coincidence, their next door neighbor had purchased a Neapolitan Mastiff puppy and they all started hanging out after work.  Their neighbor was Steve MacDonald, founder of TechHealth, myMatrixx, and co-Founder of geoMofo,, and GotGo Capital Partners.  Stuart left Verizon to join Steve at myMatrixx in 2004 shortly after the birth of his first child, Sela.  Over the next six years myMatrixx grew as fast as their family.  Asher was born in 2006, followed by Eden in 2008, and Caleb in 2009.  With Caleb just turning 1, Stuart packed the car and moved the entire family to Austin, TX.  Six months later, Anna was born.

In the past five years, the Kime family has traveled extensively in North America ranging from British Columbia to Nunavut to BVIs to Santa Fe averaging 10,000 miles in the summer.  When not on the road Stuart enjoys Friday golf at Austin Country Club and Movie Mondays (at a secret location).  Follow them on Instagram/dukegeek.